Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion in America – 2 Credits

Chronicles the historical struggle for equality in America across many platforms.  Journey through major movements and achievements such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964–the official outlawing of discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act– birthed from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans with Disabilities Act–providing protection against discrimination to people based on a disability. 

About the Author:

Wesley Williams is the Business Development Coordinator at RomeWest Properties. Utilizing experience from mortgage banking, field service, and real estate, Williams has obtained a unique perspective of the mortgage service and banking communities while expanding opportunities for community redevelopment through reinvestment. 

Mortgage Legislation – 3 Credits

Legislation targeted toward diversity and inclusion in the government and financial industry is discussed in detail. The advent of Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 as well as President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13583 for the federal workforce are covered with deep discussions on their requirements, benefits, and inefficiencies.

About the Author:

Jason Richardson is an associate attorney practicing in Severson & Werson’s Financial Services Litigation Group. He is a results-driven litigator, combining legal acumen with common sense problem-solving techniques to achieve the best outcome for each client in each case.

Supply Chain Diversity – 2 Credits

There are many business benefits of a program for the use and development of small, minority, women, veteran, and LGBTQ supplier partners. Consumers naturally like to spend money with organizations that better reflect and positively influence members of their own social class, status, or community. Quantitative and qualitative enhancements to business bottom lines, reputation, talent attraction, and customer loyalty are discussed. 

About the Author:

Carrie Thompson is an experienced attorney at Vial Fotheringham Law and has spent most of her legal career working on behalf of financial institutions, investors, developers, and businesses to protect real estate assets and mitigate potential losses during tough economic times. In representing her clients through both lean and robust economic cycles, Thompson has focused on protecting and enforcing her clients’ interests.

Ethics and Unconscious Bias – 3 Credits

Professional behavior has a direct impact on the viability of a company. High personal ethics are as essential to business as is personal performance. This course discusses how lapses in ethics drives policy development and provides guidance and strategy for participants in their awareness and development of effective workplace ethics. This course also challenges participants to understand unconscious bias and the various types that exist, consider their own biases, and identify opportunities to improve their societal mindset and interactions because of the understanding. 

About the Author:

Diane Cragg an experienced litigation attorney at Severson & Werson who strongly advocates for clients while striving to maintain a pragmatic and efficient approach to litigation. Her goal is always to obtain the best results for clients. 

Workplace Conflict Resolution – 3 Credits

Because of differences in ideas, beliefs, and background; occasional disagreement in the workplace is inevitable. Left unchecked, these conflicts deteriorate the culture and morale of organizations, the ability to retain good employees, the effectiveness work efforts, and ultimately the profitability of a company. Strategies are presented for providing consideration of the interest of all parties involved, a neutral platform for effective and factual communication, and fostering a path toward peaceful resolution that can be embraced by all. 

About the Authors:

Annie Rivers is the Client Relationship Manager at JunkBoyz Preservation. She brings her years of marketing management experience to JunkBoyz where she strives to make every client feel as though he or she is our only client.

Elona Hamilton is the owner and managing broker at Hamilton Realtor Group. She has many years’ experience in REO foreclosure management and sales. Her team has pricing, maintenance, and sales down to a science, and they treat each property as if it were their own. Hamilton’s specialties include distressed properties and distressed home owners.

Business Analytics for D&I – 3 Credits

Analytical approaches to diversity and inclusion are detailed in this course. Case study analysis of an organizations commitment to the subject of D&I in terms of morale, culture, talent attraction, reputation, customer experience, and bottom line are covered. Contemplations on accountability and effective measurement are discussed. 

About the Author:

Jamie Stewart is the Implementation Manager at Janeway Law Firm, which provides legal representation in Colorado to mortgage servicers for the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, replevin, title/REO, and collection. Stewart's role at Janeway Law Firm includes managing operations and working closely with clients; particularly onboarding new clients and ensuring that client, agency, and local municipality compliancy requirements are met. She is also tasked with executing technology oriented strategies of the firm.

Hiring Best Practices – 2 Credits

Finding the most qualified and suitable candidate for open positions presents a challenge for most organizations. Guidance is offered on methods companies can employ for finding and retaining employees including and creating effective and fresh job descriptions and interviewing. 

About the Author:

Randy Miller is the President of Randall S. Miller & Associates. Randall S. Miller & Associates, focuses its practice on the representation of mortgage lenders, servicers, financial institutions, and private investors. Miller’s law practice has its roots in mortgage servicing and maintains a strong, unique philosophy that the firm must treat each client as if the law firm is in-house counsel. He is also an active member of the legal community on a national and local level.

Screening and Onboarding – 2 Credits

Hiring the right person for the job presents a challenge for most organizations. Avoiding discrimination and fair hiring practices should be an intentional focus at most companies. This course covers best practices and processes for screening applicants, employee onboarding, and much more.

About the Author:

Rhonda Nelson is an experienced attorney at Severson & Werson. Navigating and complying with the technical and complicated employment laws in California is downright challenging, and Nelson helps employers find cost-effective solutions to day-to-day employment problems to reduce the risk of litigation.


The Basics: Mortgage Servicing Compliance 101 – 2 Credits

Everything starts with the fundamentals. Fitting for the professionals new to the industry or seasoned servicers for the reinforcement of basics learned long ago, this course offers the participants the chance to lay down a foundation of knowledge surrounding servicing and loan ownership transfers, account maintenance, escrow accounts, force-placed insurance, and more.

About the Author:

Loren Coe is an experienced attorney in the Financial Services Practice Group at Severson & Werson. Coe’s expertise lies in his ability to formulate creative solutions to complicated problems, particularly in the mediation context. For those matters that can’t be quickly resolved, Coe takes an aggressive yet practical approach to litigation with client expectations in mind. 

Mortgage Servicing Compliance 201 – 2 Credits

This course covers additional mortgage servicing fundamentals and offers participants the chance to lay down a foundation of knowledge surrounding error resolution, information requests, delinquent borrowers, and loss mitigation.

About the Author:

Loren Coe is an experienced attorney in the Financial Services Practice Group at Severson & Werson. Coe’s expertise lies in his ability to formulate creative solutions to complicated problems, particularly in the mediation context. For those matters that can’t be quickly resolved, Coe takes an aggressive yet practical approach to litigation with client expectations in mind.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act – 3 Credits

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requires many financial institutions to maintain, report, and publicly disclose information about mortgages. Course attendees will be equipped with clarifying guidance on facilitating compliance.

About the Author:

Brian Gurta is an associate attorney at Potestivo & Associates, primarily serving the Landlord and Litigation Department. He is experienced in real estate financing and credit, property, landlord-tenant, and environmental law.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act – 3 Credits

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is, at its core, a privacy statute enacted for the purpose of protecting consumers from excessive, unsolicited phone calls delivered by means of automated telephone dialing system. This course provides an overview of the statute, the exceptions, and best practices for compliance.

About the Author:

Genevieve Walser-Jolly is an attorney at Severson & Werson who represents financial institutions. She handles litigation involving forward paying loans and has a niche practice involving reverse mortgage loans. She also handles class action defense for TCPA matters. 

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act – 3 Credits

Mortgage servicers must always take the SCRA into account when asserting their rights under the property. Learn exactly what protections it provides to servicemembers and the steps that must be taken to guard against unknowing violations.  

About the Author:

Joey Krzebetkowski is the Compliance Manager at The Mortgage Law Firm. He has worked in various capacities, including management, training, report development, and business process analysis and improvement. He specializes in multi-state mortgage compliance. 

Determining Successors in Interest – 2 Credits

Amendments to the mortgage servicing rules have fundamentally changed the way servicers are required to treat successors in interest. This course clears up the confusion created by the changes and equip you to meet your regulatory obligations.

About the Author:

Michelle Gilbert, Managing Partner at Gilbert-Garcia Group, handles a wide variety of legal matters for the firm and has substantial litigation experience in both default and non-default cases, including jury and non-jury trials, motion practice, and appellate oral argument, throughout the state of Florida.  She has managed the firm’s expansion into probate, estate planning, business transactional and corporate law. 

TRID – 3 Credits

The challenges of implementation Truth in Lending Act-Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act ((TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure) integrated disclosures rule compliance have been a subject of much industry consternation in recent years. This course provides information and guidance on policy, procedure, and operational changes.


About the Author:


Susan Horn is the Director of Human Resources at Stern, Lavinthal & Frankenberg, a firm specializing in creditor's rights and commercial litigation in the states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Typical clients are servicers, banks, financial institutions, business enterprises, and private investors seeking resolution on property related legal issues.


Equal Credit Opportunity Act – 2 Credits

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) is designed to provide fair and equal access to credit, based on individual creditworthiness, without regard to a prohibited basis such as race, gender, or national origin. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued regulations under ECOA. These regulations, known as Regulation B, provide the substantive and procedural framework for fair lending. What are the requirements and steps should be taken to remain in compliance?

About the Author:

Marlon Bates is a partner at Scalley, Reading, Bates, Hansen & Rasmussen and has served as managing partner at the firm twice. He practices real estate and business law, including both transactional work and litigation, and represents a wide variety of clients including banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, loan servicing companies, title insurance companies, property managers, developers, landlords, real estate brokers and many other businesses.


Back to Basics: Foreclosure 101 – 3 Credits

Everything starts with the fundamentals. Fitting for the professionals new to the industry or seasoned legal minds for the reinforcement of basics learned long ago, this course offers the participants the chance to lay down a foundation of knowledge before moving on to more challenging material.

About the Author:

Erin Laurito is the Vice President and Managing Partner at Laurito & Laurito. Laurito practices in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, real estate and creditors' rights litigation, and title insurance matters. She is an active member of the AFN, and enjoys participating in educational services to the mortgage banking industry. Given her strong belief that efficiency and technology are directly related, Laurito's focus is to serve clients effectively with cutting edge technology. 

Advanced Foreclosure Practice – 2 Credits

Go deeper into the legal and process issues that affect a mortgage servicer’s ability to assert their position in a property.

About the Author:

Jason Whitacre, Vice President, Clunk, Paisley, Hoose Co. Whitacre manages the company’s litigation department and has litigation experience in foreclosure and bankruptcy, as well as creditor defense work in state and federal court. He is an industry panelist and on-site client trainer for foreclosure, litigation, bankruptcy, title claims, mediation, federal regulations, trial preparation, and evidence. 

The Ethical Considerations in Financial Service Legal Practice – 3 Credits

Ethics must be at top of mind for all legal practitioners. What are the policies and procedures that your firm should put in place to safeguard against ethical breaches? 

About the Author:

Kathryn Moorer is an Associate Attorney at Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP. Her specialties include constitutional law, Habeas Corpus, and evidence. Moorer aims to provide her clients with quality, cost-effective legal services and works diligently to reach informal resolutions through early settlement when possible, and she has also successfully litigated hundreds of civil cases.

Title Defects in Foreclosure – 2 Credits

Defects in the chain of title can have a devastating effect on the mortgage servicer’s ability to recover an asset associated with a nonperforming loan. The course will discuss the current issues complicating the picture and give practical insights on avoiding the pitfalls that affect the marketability of title.

About the Author:

Ryan Hertzel is a partner at the law firm Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel. Her areas of expertise include foreclosure, loss mitigation and collections. Clients rely on Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel as their advisor and counsel on complex and sensitive cases, as well as for practical and effective solutions to their day to day needs. 

HOA Liens 101: How “Super” is Super Priority? – 2 Credits

Because of their “super” status, Homeowners Association liens are a particular form of confusion and frustration for Mortgage servicers and their attorneys. This course covers related processes and best practices.

About the Author: 

Jane Bond is an experienced managing partner at McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce with a demonstrated history of working in the practice of law focusing on real property. She is skilled in default, litigation management, mediation, trial practice, and foreclosure related issues. Bond is a strong legal professional graduated from Michigan State University and Western Michigan University College of Law.

HOA Liens 201: Super-Priority States– 2 Credits

Homeowners Association liens can be confusing for most mortgage servicers and their attorneys. This course covers legal and process issues that affect a servicer’s ability to assert their position in a property and goes more in-depth about HOA liens on the local level.

About the Author:

Jessica Mazariego is an Attorney at Gilbert Garcia Group. Her professional career has focused on business transactions, complex title resolution, creditor foreclosures, real estate closings, title insurance, and compliance law, including legal, regulatory, licensure, and corporate operational compliance. Mazariego manages the firm's compliance in all practice areas and services several of the nation's largest corporations as clients. 

Emerging Litigation Trends in Mortgage Lending & Servicing– 3 Credits

Refreshed on a semiannual basis, participants will learn the developments in housing litigation from around the country. What trends are emerging?  

About the Author:

Stephen Hladik is a partner at Hladik, Onorato & Federman Law Firm.  Formerly a Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Harrisburg office of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection, Hladik brings a broad range of experience to his mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy, tax sale and UDAP legal practice.

Vacant and Abandoned Properties – 3 Credits

Vacant properties pose a threat to communities. What are the ramifications for the foreclosure process and what approaches are different jurisdictions taking to combat the issue?

About the Author:

Richard Nielson is the Managing Partner at Reimer Law. He supervises IT and Compliance for the law firm and is the managing shareholder for Kentucky default legal services including bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, litigation, compliance, and loss mitigation services.  


REO Market – 2 Credits

REOs aren’t what they used to be, but they will always be a necessary part of the housing industry. In this course, we will discuss what’s new in REO, best practices, and where the market is going next.

About the Authors:

Al Freedman, CEO of First Freedom Preservation, has a solid background and passion for construction, REO maintenance and property management. He recognizes a need for assisting and working with REO real estate brokers and agents every step of the way to enable them to do what they do best.

Technology in REO – 2 Credits

This course will discuss the best tools for the trade by some of the leading tech firms serving the mortgage industry. Learn how you can leverage technology to streamline your business, enhance in-house and client communications, and address compliance concerns.

About the Author:

Jessica Chandler is the Marketing Project Coordinator at RES.NET. RES.NET provides a virtual meeting place where servicers, agents, vendors, and consumers can connect, and communicate around a transaction. With tools built to increase efficiency and transparency, all parties can be sure their assets are being handled with the utmost care.

Coming Soon: Asset Management – 2 Credits

Get an inside look at the world of asset management. Hear about their greatest challenges, their outlook on the future of housing, and their agent/broker partnerships. Learn what they value most in agents and brokers and what makes them call an agent back with future listings.

Coming Soon: Working with GSEs – 2 Credits

Despite much speculation surrounding the future of government in the housing market, the GSEs, HUD, and the VA continue to have an important role in the market. Delve inside these agencies and learn about new programs, preferred disposition methods, and loss mitigation. Learn best practices for working with these entities as an agent, broker, or asset manager.

Best Practices – 3 Credits

Save yourself time chasing down leads by ensuring repeat business from your current clients. Being a great real estate agent goes beyond technical skills. Learn how to build a brand for yourself and market it with maximum efficiency. We also discuss ethical business practices and principles that you should adhere to as an REO real estate agent. Learn what to disclose and how to treat buyers and asset managers in a way that will put you in a positive light.

About the Authors:

Become Indispensable Module:

Dustin Raye, REO Director and Associate Broker at Spyglass Realty and Investments, has extensive experience in mortgage banking, specifically loss mitigation and REO asset management. He works with mortgage banks in an effort to facilitate successful disposition of foreclosed assets while preserving maximum value for investors and securities holders.

Raye’s specialties include distressed real estate sales and investment, technical stock market analysis, mortgage banking default resolution.

Ethics Module:

Tara Nagelhout is the owner and managing broker of Emerald Valley Real Estate. Real estate has been her passion for more than 20 years. Her philosophy for taking care of REO properties is to treat each listing as if it were owner-occupied. With her team of buyers' agents, she fully market assets, including online and print marketing as well as open houses.

Short Sale – 3 Credits

Make sure you have the essential skills to handle short sales. Here you will learn to examine a property for anything that could hinder a short sale, make sure everything is filled out correctly in the listing and title transfer, and ensure that the seller and buyer can both move through the process without any unnecessary difficulties. Ethics throughout the short sale process, working with the lender, and coordinating the closing process will all be discussed.

About the Authors:

Basics Module:

Steve Pagano, Broker/Owner of Pagano Properties, specializes in all aspects of the default market transaction, including asset evaluation and preservation, cash for keys, marketing, and inspection. Before opening Pagano Properties, he served as the chief operating officer of a mortgage company. In addition to working with REO, short sale, HUD, estate sales, and private equity firms, he is also a speaker for investment groups with a focus on real estate.

Evaluation Module:

Wendy Martin is a broker at Windermere Stellar and provides a full suite of best-in-class REO services and guarantees tasks are completed on time, every time. Fully versed and proficient in all aspects of Real Estate Owned Property disposition and management, her team gets the home on the market quickly, presents it in the most strategic manner to attract the right buyer, and influences them to purchase that property at the price we command.

Services Offered – 3 Credits

Here you will learn how to avoid foreclosure, navigate the system more painlessly, and gain the skills to evict tenants when needed. Learn how to accurately estimate how much REO properties will sell for and communicate this information to asset managers in the form of broker price opinions and comparative market analyses. We will also discuss providing valuable services like BPOS, cash for keys, deed-in-lieu, and loss mitigation.

About the Authors:

Cash for Keys, Deed-in-Lieu, and Avoiding Foreclosure Module:

Jim Hastings, Broker/Owner of Hastings Brokerage, has been selling real estate since 1983. He created Broker Brain, the Web-based REO tracking system. He has served as a Pro Standards Judge and on the BOA Las Vegas Vendor Advisory Council, BOA National Short Sale Roundtable, Fannie Mae Vendor Advisory Board, and Freddie Mac's SmartTank.

Valuation Module:

Nancy Braun is the owner of Showcase Realty in Charlotte, North Carolina. Backed by 20 years of experience as a top producing real estate broker, she focuses on innovation, attention to detail, and creating a winning team of professionals in order to provide exceptional and professional service.

Protecting the Asset – 3 Credits

Knowing how to properly secure, stabilize, and preserve a property makes you a valuable resource. Maintaining distressed, vacant, or abandoned properties can be one of the most difficult parts of an agent’s job, and REO properties are particularly hard to maintain. In this course, you will learn skills of property maintenance and management as well as recommended preservation options.

About the Authors:

REO Maintenance Module:

Clint Welser, VP of Laudan Properties, is a motivated, results-driven individual with a proven track record of exceeding goals and optimizing processes. With a background of over 16 years’ experience in finance and sales and an unfailing work ethic, Welser brings a unique and customer-focused view to all clients.

Property Management Module:

Taft West is the VP of Technical Assistance and Sustainability at the Chicago Community Loan Fund. During his 30-year real estate career, West has worked in various management assignments including condominiums, affordable housing and public housing. In 2001, Taft received his Broker’s License and began working with Community Investment Corporation as a contract trainer in the Property Management Training Program, teaching preventive & routine maintenance systems to property management students.


Complete the Regulatory Compliance, Legal Practice, Distressed Asset Disposition, and Diversity and Inclusion Certification Programs for $799.