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Five Star Academy Programs:

Our Mission

Five Star Academy (FSA) is an independent certification program with courses written by housing and mortgage industry experts. FSA offers key education in regulatory compliance, legal practice, diversity and inclusion, and distressed asset disposition in an easy-to-use online format.

FSA curriculum blends the following to increase your industry expertise:

  • Online learning
  • Best practices
  • Industry participation
  • Proficiency exams

These programs are designed for individuals seeking the opportunity to broaden the scope of their professional education, as well as for corporate use to expand knowledge and improve performance among mortgage teams. FSA certifications ensure that those who have completed the coursework are thoroughly informed in the subject matter and equipped to provide a superior quality of service.

Who Should Register?

FSA offers relevant educational courses for professionals from each sector of the mortgage industry:

  • Financial services professionals
  • Individual and institutional investors
  • Legal professionals
  • Lenders and servicers
  • Mortgage professionals
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Service providers

Find the program and courses that best suit your career and business goals, and register to advance your career.

Independent Courses and Certifications

Five Star Academy courses can be pursued in one of three ways, depending on your individual goals:

  • Independent Coursework – Pick and choose the courses that are most applicable to your business,
    and then revisit or pursue other coursework as needed.
  • Certifications – When you complete all courses within a program, you will become certified in that subject matter.
  • Master Certification – Complete all certifications to obtain a Master Certification from Five Star.