Legal Practice Program


These courses will cover best practices for adapting to the legal landscape of the mortgage industry. Complete the program for $349.



Back to Basics: Foreclosure 101 – 3 Credits

Everything starts with the fundamentals. Fitting for professionals new to the industry or seasoned legal minds for the reinforcement of basics learned long ago, this course offers the participants a chance to lay down a foundation of knowledge before moving on to more challenging material.

About the Author:

Erin Laurito is the Vice President and Managing Partner at Laurito & LauritoLaurito practices in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, real estate and creditors’ rights litigation, and title insurance matters. She is an active member of the AFN, and enjoys participating in educational services to the mortgage banking industry. Given her strong belief that efficiency and technology are directly related, Laurito’s focus is to serve clients effectively with cutting edge technology.

Advanced Foreclosure Practice – 2 Credits

Go deeper into the legal and process issues that affect a mortgage servicer’s ability to assert their position in a property.

About the Author:

Jason Whitacre, Vice President, Clunk, Paisley, Hoose Co. Whitacre manages the company’s litigation department and has litigation experience in foreclosure and bankruptcy, as well as creditor defense work in state and federal court. He is an industry panelist and on-site client trainer for foreclosure, litigation, bankruptcy, title claims, mediation, federal regulations, trial preparation, and evidence.

The Ethical Considerations in Financial Service Legal Practice – 3 Credits

Ethics must be at top of mind for all legal practitioners. What are the policies and procedures that your firm should put in place to safeguard against ethical breaches? 

About the Author:

Kathryn Moorer is an Associate Attorney at Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP. Her specialties include constitutional law, Habeas Corpus, and evidence. Moorer aims to provide her clients with quality, cost-effective legal services and works diligently to reach informal resolutions through early settlement when possible, and she has also successfully litigated hundreds of civil cases.

Title Defects in Foreclosure – 2 Credits

Defects in the chain of title can have a devastating effect on the mortgage servicer’s ability to recover an asset associated with a nonperforming loan. The course will discuss the current issues complicating the picture and give practical insights on avoiding the pitfalls that affect the marketability of title.

About the Author:

Ryan Hertzel is a partner at the law firm Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel. Her areas of expertise include foreclosure, loss mitigation and collections. Clients rely on Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel as their advisor and counsel on complex and sensitive cases, as well as for practical and effective solutions to their day to day needs.

HOA Liens 101: How “Super” is Super Priority? – 2 Credits

Because of their “super” status, Homeowners Association liens are a particular form of confusion and frustration for Mortgage servicers and their attorneys. This course covers related processes and best practices.

About the Author:

Jane Bond is an experienced managing partner at McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce with a demonstrated history of working in the practice of law focusing on real property. She is skilled in default, litigation management, mediation, trial practice, and foreclosure related issues. Bond is a strong legal professional graduated from Michigan State University and Western Michigan University College of Law.

HOA Liens 201: Super-Priority States– 2 Credits

Homeowners Association liens can be confusing for most mortgage servicers and their attorneys. This course covers legal and process issues that affect a servicer’s ability to assert their position in a property and goes more in-depth about HOA liens on the local level.

About the Author:

Jessica Mazariego is an Attorney at Gilbert Garcia GroupHer professional career has focused on business transactions, complex title resolution, creditor foreclosures, real estate closings, title insurance, and compliance law, including legal, regulatory, licensure, and corporate operational compliance. Mazariego manages the firm’s compliance in all practice areas and services several of the nation’s largest corporations as clients.

Emerging Litigation Trends in Mortgage Lending & Servicing– 3 Credits

Refreshed on a semiannual basis, participants will learn the developments in housing litigation from around the country. What trends are emerging?  

About the Author:

Stephen Hladik is a partner at Hladik, Onorato & Federman Law Firm.  Formerly a Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Harrisburg office of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection, Hladik brings a broad range of experience to his mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy, tax sale and UDAP legal practice.

Vacant and Abandoned Properties – 3 Credits

Vacant properties pose a threat to communities. What are the ramifications for the foreclosure process and what approaches are different jurisdictions taking to combat the issue?

About the Author:

Richard Nielson is the Managing Partner at Reimer Law. He supervises IT and Compliance for the law firm and is the managing shareholder for Kentucky default legal services including bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, litigation, compliance, and loss mitigation services.