Diversity and Inclusion Program


Learn about the business case for diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry. Complete the program for $349.



Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion in America – 2 Credits

Chronicles the historical struggle for equality in America across many platforms. Journey through major movements and achievements such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964–the official outlawing of discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act– birthed from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans with Disabilities Act–providing protection against discrimination to people based on a disability.

About the Author:

Wesley Williams is the Business Development Coordinator at RomeWest Properties. Utilizing experience from mortgage banking, field service, and real estate, Williams has obtained a unique perspective of the mortgage service and banking communities while expanding opportunities for community redevelopment through reinvestment.

Mortgage Legislation – 3 Credits

Legislation targeted toward diversity and inclusion in the government and financial industry is discussed in detail. The advent of Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 as well as President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13583 for the federal workforce are covered with deep discussions on their requirements, benefits, and inefficiencies.

About the Author:

Jason Richardson is an associate attorney practicing in Severson & Werson’s Financial Services Litigation Group. He is a results-driven litigator, combining legal acumen with common sense problem-solving techniques to achieve the best outcome for each client in each case.

Supply Chain Diversity – 2 Credits

There are many business benefits of a program for the use and development of small, minority, women, veteran, and LGBTQ supplier partners. Consumers naturally like to spend money with organizations that better reflect and positively influence members of their own social class, status, or community. Quantitative and qualitative enhancements to business bottom lines, reputation, talent attraction, and customer loyalty are discussed.

About the Author:

Carrie Thompson is an experienced attorney at Vial Fotheringham Law and has spent most of her legal career working on behalf of financial institutions, investors, developers, and businesses to protect real estate assets and mitigate potential losses during tough economic times. In representing her clients through both lean and robust economic cycles, Thompson has focused on protecting and enforcing her clients’ interests.

Ethics and Unconscious Bias – 3 Credits

Professional behavior has a direct impact on the viability of a company. High personal ethics are as essential to business as is personal performance. This course discusses how lapses in ethics drives policy development and provides guidance and strategy for participants in their awareness and development of effective workplace ethics. This course also challenges participants to understand unconscious bias and the various types that exist, consider their own biases, and identify opportunities to improve their societal mindset and interactions because of the understanding.

About the Author:

Diane Cragg an experienced litigation attorney at Severson & Werson who strongly advocates for clients while striving to maintain a pragmatic and efficient approach to litigation. Her goal is always to obtain the best results for clients.

Workplace Conflict Resolution – 3 Credits

Because of differences in ideas, beliefs, and background; occasional disagreement in the workplace is inevitable. Left unchecked, these conflicts deteriorate the culture and morale of organizations, the ability to retain good employees, the effectiveness work efforts, and ultimately the profitability of a company. Strategies are presented for providing consideration of the interest of all parties involved, a neutral platform for effective and factual communication, and fostering a path toward peaceful resolution that can be embraced by all.

About the Authors:

Annie Rivers is the Client Relationship Manager at JunkBoyz Preservation. She brings her years of marketing management experience to JunkBoyz where she strives to make every client feel as though he or she is our only client.

Elona Hamilton is the owner and managing broker at Hamilton Realtor Group. She has many years’ experience in REO foreclosure management and sales. Her team has pricing, maintenance, and sales down to a science, and they treat each property as if it were their own. Hamilton’s specialties include distressed properties and distressed home owners.

Business Analytics for D&I – 3 Credits

Analytical approaches to diversity and inclusion are detailed in this course. Case study analysis of an organizations commitment to the subject of D&I in terms of morale, culture, talent attraction, reputation, customer experience, and bottom line are covered. Contemplations on accountability and effective measurement are discussed.

About the Author:

Jamie Stewart is the Implementation Manager at Janeway Law Firm, which provides legal representation in Colorado to mortgage servicers for the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, replevin, title/REO, and collection. Stewart’s role at Janeway Law Firm includes managing operations and working closely with clients; particularly onboarding new clients and ensuring that client, agency, and local municipality compliancy requirements are met. She is also tasked with executing technology oriented strategies of the firm.

Hiring Best Practices – 2 Credits

Finding the most qualified and suitable candidate for open positions presents a challenge for most organizations. Guidance is offered on methods companies can employ for finding and retaining employees including and creating effective and fresh job descriptions and interviewing.

About the Author:

Randy Miller is the President of Randall S. Miller & Associates. Randall S. Miller & Associates, focuses its practice on the representation of mortgage lenders, servicers, financial institutions, and private investors. Miller’s law practice has its roots in mortgage servicing and maintains a strong, unique philosophy that the firm must treat each client as if the law firm is in-house counsel. He is also an active member of the legal community on a national and local level.

Screening and Onboarding – 2 Credits

Hiring the right person for the job presents a challenge for most organizations. Avoiding discrimination and fair hiring practices should be an intentional focus at most companies. This course covers best practices and processes for screening applicants, employee onboarding, and much more.

About the Author:

Rhonda Nelson is an experienced attorney at Severson & Werson. Navigating and complying with the technical and complicated employment laws in California is downright challenging, and Nelson helps employers find cost-effective solutions to day-to-day employment problems to reduce the risk of litigation.