Workplace Conflict Resolution – 3 Credits


About the Authors:

Annie Rivers is the Client Relationship Manager at JunkBoyz Preservation. She brings her years of marketing management experience to JunkBoyz where she strives to make every client feel as though he or she is our only client.

Elona Hamilton is the owner and managing broker at Hamilton Realtor Group. She has many years’ experience in REO foreclosure management and sales. Her team has pricing, maintenance, and sales down to a science, and they treat each property as if it were their own. Hamilton’s specialties include distressed properties and distressed home owners.


Because of differences in ideas, beliefs, and background; occasional disagreement in the workplace is inevitable. Left unchecked, these conflicts deteriorate the culture and morale of organizations, the ability to retain good employees, the effectiveness work efforts, and ultimately the profitability of a company. Strategies are presented for providing consideration of the interest of all parties involved, a neutral platform for effective and factual communication, and fostering a path toward peaceful resolution that can be embraced by all.