Short Sale – 3 Credits


About the Authors:

Basics Module:

Steve Pagano, Broker/Owner of Pagano Properties, specializes in all aspects of the default market transaction, including asset evaluation and preservation, cash for keys, marketing, and inspection. Before opening Pagano Properties, he served as the chief operating officer of a mortgage company. In addition to working with REO, short sale, HUD, estate sales, and private equity firms, he is also a speaker for investment groups with a focus on real estate.

Evaluation Module:

Wendy Martin is a broker at Windermere Realty Trust and provides a full suite of best-in-class REO services and guarantees tasks are completed on time, every time. Fully versed and proficient in all aspects of Real Estate Owned Property disposition and management, her team gets the home on the market quickly, presents it in the most strategic manner to attract the right buyer, and influences them to purchase that property at the price we command.


Make sure you have the essential skills to handle short sales. Here you will learn to examine a property for anything that could hinder a short sale, make sure everything is filled out correctly in the listing and title transfer, and ensure that the seller and buyer can both move through the process without any unnecessary difficulties. Ethics throughout the short sale process, working with the lender, and coordinating the closing process will all be discussed.